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Why Placement Disruption is Still One of The Biggest Foster Care Issues

Many of us are lucky to grow up in a safe, secure and consistent environment, so having to move schools and make new friends is certainly a feeling largely unfamiliar to most children.

Quite often, moving house is one of the most stressful, unnatural and challenging things to overcome as a child, but for a foster child this can be even more difficult to come to terms with.

Regardless of the love, care and compassion shown by everyone in the wider fostering community, we still hear that placement disruption is still one of the biggest foster care issues surrounding the industry.

Support For Our Foster Carers

To help ensure placement stability, we constantly provide professional support and training to all our foster families. By helping to improve the skills of foster carers and to strengthen their relationships with foster children, we have been successful is maintaining a very low percentage of placement disruptions.

In addition to this, all of our foster families have 24/7 access to a senior social worker, as well as our renowned fostering community and mentoring schemes, which is perfect for those just starting out.

Becoming a foster carer has never been easier

Becoming a foster carer has never been easier, and there is constant need for more warm-welcoming and open minded people to join our family.

By applying to become a foster carer with Perpetual Fostering, you’ll not only be rewarded financially and be supported by our experienced team of social workers, but your willingness to provide a loving and caring home for a foster child will help to prevent future placement disruption.

How We Find The Perfect Fit

We will always ensure that the move is always beneficial to the long term relationship of the foster family and child. In fact, as a leading independent fostering agency we pride ourselves on our specialised matching process which also allows us to find the perfect fit.

There’s no doubt that our foster carers are currently doing a fantastic job, but there is a need to attract more like-minded people to the family. By opening up your life to provide a stable and bright future for a child, you can make the difference.

Becoming a foster carer with Perpetual Fostering has never been easier, so what’s stopping you? We provide you with the care and support that you require, wherever and whenever you need it. Give a child a chance and together we can help to prevent future placement disruption.

To become a foster carer, you’re not just revealing your heart and opening up your mind to help improve the quality of a child’s life, but you’re also opening up your home, as well as the lives of your closest friends and family too.

We understand that the decision to become a foster parent isn’t just a frivolous, split-second one that you think about briefly on the way to work one morning because you have a spare bedroom. Instead, the initial decision to even apply and register an interest should be seen as a journey in itself. Infact, It’s probably taken you weeks, months and even years just to get to that stage.

Although you’ll have to embark upon much other, smaller journeys on your way to becoming a foster carer, we see the decision to join the other 44,000 foster families currently in England as one of the biggest a person will ever undertake.

We will always provide rigorous training and support for our foster carers using our professionally trained team and extensive network of existing foster families before, during and after the application has been approved. However, it’s equally as important to understand some of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that brought you and many others like you to make this life-changing decision.

1. You’ve thought about it and done your research

For the most part, every potential foster carer that we’ve encountered has conducted plenty of research and given themselves enough time to think about everything there is to think about fostering. Knowing that each individual is different, there’s little surprise that we also stumble upon families who have tirelessly researched the topic of fostering, but are still in doubt whether to apply or not.

We strongly recommend that you become part of Perpetual Fostering’s increasingly popular fostering community and forum to help alleviate your doubt and to have any questions answered. Better still, you’re likely to meet current foster families who were once in a similar position to you.

Aside from emotional motivation, it’s important that all potential foster parents recognise the many practical and everyday issues that may arise as well. Therefore, thinking about how much time you’re willing to commit, what you would like to achieve by becoming a foster carer and whether or not an older or a younger foster child will be most suitable to your home environment and lifestyle is strongly advised.

2. You’ve gained plenty of experience

Obviously, it’s difficult to gain experience as a foster parent if you’re not yet a foster parent, but we’re talking about getting experience in other areas. Whether paid or voluntary, you could certainly gain vital experience babysitting, working as a childminder or helping out at your local school.

Although there is no real recommendation as to how many hours you need to acquire, it’s hoped that you’ll be able gain a better understanding of how children behave on a daily basis.

3. You’re doing it for the right reasons

Believe it or not, becoming a foster carer can be a financially rewarding prospect, and for many people this can be quite high on their list of reasons as to why they want to foster.

Rather than looking to provide companionship for yourself or your existing children, having an active desire to help improve a child’s life within a safe and stable environment, as well as providing them with an opportunity to develop and flourish as individuals should be amongst your main reasons.

4. You have a supportive network around you

Although we’re not talking about getting the window cleaner, postman and local butcher involved, ensuring that your closest friends and family are fully onboard with your decision is crucial.

To become a foster carer there’s no doubt that you’ll have to open up your heart, home and mind to social workers and children that you’ve never met before, so why not do the same with your nearest and dearest beforehand? Wash away any fears or doubts that you might have at this stage.

5. You’re able to let go and say goodbye

Without a doubt many people do get confused with the difference between fostering and adoption, and whilst we do offer long term foster care placements, the majority of fostering placements do involve the child leaving at some point.

Whether this is to go back to their natural birth parents or to another foster family, we understand that this often grief like feeling can be difficult to overcome.

Time is a great healer when it comes to waving goodbye a foster child, and although this does seem to get slightly easier as you gain further fostering experience, you should aim to remember the positive change that you helped bring about whilst the child was in your care.

Whilst there are many offer signs that existing that help individuals deter whether they’re ready to become a foster career, we feel that we have highlighted some of the most important. Whether you feel you’re at this stage or you require further information and advice about becoming a foster carer with Perpetual Fostering, make sure that you get in touch with our warm-welcoming, passionate and experienced team.

It doesn’t matter what type of carer you are, we’ve all pressed the snooze button on our alarm clocks in the morning. That familiar buzzzzz cracks through the silence as the sunlight breaks in between the curtains …

Morning! Now, let’s get going.

Right foot, then left, on the ground and out of bed, unless of course you’re greeted by the furriest family member first, the beloved family dog! Speaking of which, you’ll probably need to feed him before you leave. It’s up and away from here onwards. You’re dressed and ready, with a cup of coffee to get the day started … time to wake the kids up. Out of their Batman and Princess Elsa PJs, they’ve finally mustered the energy to get into their school uniform. Ah, breakfast time.

After a cereal spill here and a grumble about burnt toast there, breakfast is done and dusted … out of the house and to school we go. School bag? Check. Lunch? Check. Homework? Uh oh. You’ll be having a chat about that later.

Some of us wish we had clones so we could be here, there and everywhere to get everything done on time, all the time. But fear not! Whether your start to the day is utterly chaotic or perfectly planned, worry not; you’re already doing a superhero’s job as an amazing carer so pat yourself on the back and simply put one foot in front of the other. 

As part of Fostering Fortnight, we want to celebrate YOU, the foster carer – we’ve created Sammy, our wonderful foster child under the care of an incredible foster care superhero. Please share and spread the word – help us raise the flag for foster carers over your social channels, helping spread awareness among your friends, families, colleagues, and anyone else who might be interested in a career in fostering.

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