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Celebrating World Book Day 2015 – Raising Readers

Happy World Book Day 2015! Today we’re championing our young readers as we encourage them to become avid little bookworms! If you’re not a natural scholar yourself, it may seem like a chore setting aside time for reading with your foster child, however the future benefits of reading at an early age are well worth you putting in the time and effort.

As we celebrate readers and books, read our top five reasons and tips for raising readers:

1. Speech, reading, and writing skills
Language is a vital communication skill and the advantages it can provide children both socially and academically are invaluable. When reading with foster children, every so often encourage them to read a paragraph, and slowly build their confidence so that they can build up to reading a page on their own. The more a child reads and practises, the more confident he/she will become.

2. Cognition
Following a story from beginning to end can help improve a child’s cognitive functioning. Children follow the character’s journey, the paths taken, trials, triumphs and milestones; all of which help to expand a child’s way of looking at the world. It’s also important to have conversations about the story afterwards to help develop your foster child’s interpretation and analytical skills.

3. Imagination
Not only do children feel the benefits in creative play when introduced to new fantastical worlds, but the creative skill is highly sought after in later life. Originality is praised in schoolwork, and imaginative creativity is highly sought after in future careers. It’s likely that they won’t need much persuasion, but encourage children to write, tell, or act out their own stories.

4. Knowledge
Allowing children to exercise their reading skills not only improves areas related to language and comprehension, but it also gives them a head start in other subjects. History, art, science, the environment, technology and so on, are all important learning aspects that your foster child will gain knowledge about with reading.

5. Practical Application
Having a strong vocabulary and a good understanding of language means that children will be able to read signs, instructions, and warnings. This is important not only in everyday activities, but also for understanding safety warnings such as, “Toxic, do not ingest” or “Beware of the dog”.

At Perpetual Fostering, we are huge advocates of education and learning, believing that every child can fulfil their full potential. Reading together can be a great bonding experience for you and your foster child, so whether it’s Harry Potter, The Gruffalo, or Winnie The Pooh, make a start today and let’s raise healthy, well-read readers!

For more top tips, have a read of our Youth Ambassador’s post on The Importance of Reading.

You may not realise it, but not a lot of people read books anymore. In recent years, reading has become a less popular hobby, especially because of the increasing popularity of social networking, smart phones, and online gaming. But, you might not realise just how beneficial reading is. When you pick up a book, you’re opening the door to endless possibilities.

Reading can teach you new things
When you’re reading a book you’re constantly taking in new information. Whether it’s a gigantic encyclopaedia or a futuristic fantasy novel, you’ll learn something new which could be helpful in the future, maybe even in your homework!

Reading is entertaining
Reading is created to be fun! You may find it hard to believe that statement, but just think, have you ever been so captivated by a book that you couldn’t put it down because you just had to know what happens next? That’s what books are supposed to do! They are meant to be exciting and allow you to explore your imagination.

It can help you feel totally chilled out
Recent studies have shown that reading for just six minutes a day can make you feel more relaxed and that reading can actually reduce stress more than taking a long walk or listening to music can. If you’ve had a busy day, grab a book, sit down and lose yourself in a story to feel totally chilled out!

Books are great conversation starters
If you really enjoyed a book you’ve read recently, then it’s nice to be able to share it with someone else. You never know, they might have read it too and enjoyed it just as much, so you’ll have lots to talk about!