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As an independent fostering agency, here at Perpetual Fostering we promote the provision of safe, stable placements – both short and long term – for children and young people.The journey to becoming a foster carer is a truly rewarding one and  we’ve simplified the steps to becoming a foster carer with step-by-step support and trusted, professional guidance. Although the process can be detailed and lengthy, you can rest assured knowing we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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On Friday the 12th December, Cheshire Today reported on the results of the Children and Young People Now Awards. Held in London, with more than 400 people in attendance, Cheshire was well represented thanks to efforts of local organisations in improving the lives of young people within its boundaries.

First of all, we learn of the council’s success: “Cheshire East Council won the children in care award for its fostering capacity scheme, which awards grants to extend or adapt homes, or buy new cars to meet the needs of fostering households”.

As a team, here at Perpetual Fostering we are thrilled to hear of a council gaining recognition for helping the process of fostering so well. The article goes on to describe how the council “funded an extension, which has enabled one foster family to look after sibling groups, who can be hard to place.” As if that wasn’t enough, “when current projects are complete, the scheme will have helped improve the lives of about 20 children”.

Secondly, but no less importantly, the partnership working award went to Cheshire Without Abuse (CWA), a charity commissioned by the very same council. Their focus is on supporting children affected by domestic violence and abuse, by assessing all cases and partnering with a wide range of organisations to ensure youngsters aged 7 to 19 get appropriate help.

Part of the focus of CWA could involve any or all of the following:
• one-to-one support
• programmes to build resilience
• programmes to aide recovery from trauma

Cheshire East Council was also shortlisted in the youth justice award for its program to combat harmful sexual behaviour among young people. Director of Children’s Services, Tony Crane, celebrated their success: “Huge congratulations to my teams who were successful at the awards. I am so proud of their achievements and I thank them for their hard work to deliver these projects on top of their daily responsibilities”.

It’s so heartening to see organisations from our region of the country gain such commendations at countrywide awards! If you’re interested in fostering, but aren’t sure if it’s for you, we’ve got some answers – contact us today, we’d love to hear from you.