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Top Tips: Activities For Kids In Cold Weather

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year – we’re still feeling the Christmas cheer, but now that all those Christmas feasts are over, it’s probably time to get those children active! This time we’ll be thinking about how to get them out of the house and using up some energy in the cold weather.

Build a Snowman!
Not only is the story of the Snowman a much-loved one, it also relates to an activity the young ones love: building a snowman! The best part is, there’s no right or wrong, and no rulebook to building one! If your foster child is new to the idea, or hasn’t built one before, ask them how they’d like to go about it, and what features it should have.

Go Ice Skating!
It’s a great way to get them active and moving, and also something they won’t get up to much at any other time of year. What we love about this activity is, it’s fun for everyone – both adults and children alike, even in the cold weather! Regardless of anyone’s skill level, it’s a fantastic bonding exercise, and much more fun than just sitting together in front of the TV.

Go for Nice Long Walks
Just make sure everyone is properly wrapped up warm – with boots and wellies probably necessary, depending on where you go! If you don’t live near large woods or parks, Christmas markets are a very valid alternative, and a great way to keep the Christmas atmosphere alive that little bit longer.

Find Shelter
If the winter weather is simply getting too much for you and the kids, you can still take yourselves out of the house, but into the warmth of a place of worship instead! This isn’t just great for foster children – if they’re interested in going with you – but also for your own children.

Just remember: whatever you decide to do out of the house – wrap everyone up warm!

These are just several ways to share in activities outside of the home, and build trust and relationships with the foster children in your care. Read some of our case studies to hear other stories of fostering families, or get in touch with us directly if you have any questions.

Winter is a fun time of year. You get to wear your comfiest scarves and hats, Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re lucky, it might even snow! But just because it’s a nice time of year doesn’t mean that it can’t be dangerous and you should make sure you keep yourself safe so that you can enjoy all of the wonders of winter.

Wrap up warm!
It’s important that you wrap up warm to avoid the harsh winter cold. Layering is a good method to ensure that you stay nice and toasty whilst you’re out and about. If it snows, it’s a good idea to wear waterproof shoes with grip such as wellington boots so you don’t slip on any icy patches and hurt yourself.

Stay hydrated
You might think that you can only get dehydrated in summer when it’s warm, but dehydration can also be a risk in winter! When you’re outside in the cold and breathing hard, you can lose a lot of body water through your breath. So grab yourself a drink and stay hydrated.

Keep yourself safe
In winter, it gets dark a lot earlier so if you’re travelling home from school make sure you’re safe. Stay in well lit areas, try and travel with a friend and don’t take any routes which might be unsafe- even if you think it will get you home quicker.

Look after yourself
The cold can make us all feel a bit down and groggy and its important that you pay attention to your health. Your body temperature can plummet in cold weather which can sometimes be dangerous, so don’t ignore your body signals, if you feel unwell or dizzy when you’re outside in the cold, head back into the warmth.