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The Role of Foster Carers

Some information about the role of foster carers

Foster carers are good, kind and loving people who willfully step forward and take care of children that are in need. Some children need fostering due to being unable to live with their birth families and foster carers are the ones that help them in their time of need. Foster care is a place which offers a safe place to the children and provide them with confidence by nurturing them in a home where they are valued and cared for fully. 

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Foster carers offer a safe and secure home where children / young people feel valued, respected and cared for. Foster carers take a close interest in the lives of the children / young people, setting appropriate boundaries, teaching them how to behave whilst understanding and appreciating the uniqueness of each child / young person.

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When children / young people have to live in foster care, they do not forget about their parents and extended family. Foster carers are likely to have contact with birth parents and extended family members.

There is an opportunity to learn more about what foster carers do before making a commitment by participating in a pre-approval training course.

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