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The Story of a Foster Child

Erica tells her story as a foster child

Foster children face a lot of problems in their lives. The problems are difficult to manage and can also damage the children’s psychology and health. These adverse effects can really damage the child’s personality in the long run. This is a story of Erica and the hardships she faced as a foster child. The article informs about Erica and some parts of the story are in her own words.

Read the complete story to learn more about what happened in Erica’s life!


Erica started off life in a loving, normal household, but at age seven her father suddenly died and life went downhill from there. Her mother, severely depressed, developed Schizophrenia and was unable to care for Erica and her brother, aged two.

There was no extended family as her mother’s family lived in the Philippines and her father’s family were not in a position to take two young children. So Erica and her brother had to go into foster care.

Fortunately for Erica and her brother, that first foster family experience was exceptional. The parents were loving and had four children close to their own age – a ready set of playmates.

Life in the comfortable house on the Central Coast looked like it was going to be fine and it was for five years. Then, circumstances changed as a cousin on her dad’s side decided she was able to care for Erica and her brother, and applied to the courts to have them come and live with her.

Erica didn’t want to leave the foster family, but didn’t have any say in the matter.

As Erica hit her teen years, she rebelled against some of her cousin’s rules and ran away. Eventually she lived with a friend for seven months, which she said was fun, but not at all good for her.

“There were no rules and no routine and I think that children thrive on these.” After a falling out with her friend she went to Community Services and begged them to find her another foster home.

A caseworker then asked Vicki and Dennis, experienced foster carers if they would take Erica in. “Vicki was a bit stretched at that point and reluctant to take me on. It was nothing personal. She was already caring for several long-term children, one who is severally disabled.

In the end Vicki and Dennis decided to let me stay, which was one of the best feelings in the world, to know that someone still cared enough to take a chance with me. Vicki was loving, but firm. I admit it wasn’t easy settling in, I wasn’t the perfect teenager. I was 16 and knew everything.”

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