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Understanding Self Esteem

Self esteem has a huge role in how you feel about yourself and how happy you are. It might not always be easy to understand what self esteem is and how it affects you. It’s there when you look at yourself in the mirror or when you think about yourself. Self esteem is how much you value yourself and how important you think you are. Self esteem isn’t about being big headed or vain; it’s about seeing yourself in a healthy and positive way.

Sometimes, your self esteem might be low. For example, if you think you’re terrible at maths because someone got a higher mark than you on a test, this can be seen as negative or low self esteem. As you grow older your self esteem is likely to change which is normal, especially if you move on to secondary school and meet lots of new people. At one point or another, almost everyone has moments of low self esteem. It’s natural to compare yourself to other people or compare yourself to the standards that society and the media sets.

The most important thing about self esteem is to understand that it’s normal to have ups and downs. Nobody’s perfect and just because someone else might be good at sports, art or maths doesn’t mean you aren’t good at other things like history, science or playing the guitar. If you look at yourself and what you’re good at in a positive way, you’ll have higher self esteem and you’ll be more confident and happy with who you are.

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