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Volunteering In Your Local Community

You may hear the term ‘volunteer’ thrown around a lot by adults and not know exactly what one is. A volunteer is a person who works for an organisation without being paid. Many people around the world are volunteers and help their community in various different ways, whether by helping out at a local youth club or taking part in a nature conservation group; whatever the activity, they all get involved in something that benefits others.

It’s easier than you think to become a volunteer and there will probably be lots of organisations in your area that you can get involved with. It’s very important though to know whether or not a volunteering placement is suitable for you. You may have to be a certain age to do a certain task so be careful and make sure you are very informed about all the details of the role before you start.

So you may be reading this thinking, “What kind of tasks could I do as a volunteer?”. There are lots of things you could do to make a difference in your community – check out a few ideas below:

  • Plant flowers or trees in your local community
  • Help clean up schools, youth centres or other buildings in your community
  • Serve food at a homeless shelter (be careful with this one as you will need to check whether you’re old enough to work in a kitchen)
  • Help at local wildlife conservation groups
  • Help at charity fundraisers or local sporting events

Not only is volunteering a great way to help others and improve your local community, but it is also a brilliant opportunity to meet new people and develop new skills!

How to find information on being a volunteer:

  • Ask in school – your teachers or careers advisor will probably be able to give you some information on volunteering
  • In the library – lots of libraries have posters and leaflets from local organisations, a lot of which take on volunteers
  • Youth clubs – if you attend any youth clubs there may be some posters or other information about volunteering and organisations you can volunteer for in your area
  • Websites such as Volunteering England and the Volunteer Placements section on the Gov UK website.

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