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What A #FosteringFortnight!

What a couple of weeks! In case you missed it, we’ve had a great #FosteringFortnight, celebrating all of our superhero carers, and everything they do! Here’s a recap on what we’ve been up to at this busy time.

Our Meme!

We’ve always known our foster carers are very special people – this just lets us show off what they do in a visual way! This image is important – it’s been a way for us celebrate the hard work of all our carers, and spread awareness about what they do.  Take a look here.

Meet Sammy And Her Foster Care Superhero!

We unveiled something brand new: our wonderful new animation! As you’ll see, it’s important to remember that being a superhero doesn’t just mean being able to fly or juggle cars. It also means making a meaningful difference to a child’s life. So check out Sammy, our very own foster child hero, and the brighter future that her fostering placement brings to her.

How To Write A Great CV

Our amazing Youth Ambassador, Emily Raby, wrote a very helpful post with the best tips and tricks for writing that all-important first CV. We’ve always believed foster kids deserve the very brightest future they can have, so expect more of this!

Good News

We also achieved the ISO9001, from the British Assessment Bureau! This means our provision of care maintains the sky-high standards that we’ve been building from the very beginning. Seeing official recognition from professional bodies makes it all worthwhile: this will only help us continue providing incredible fostering services!

We also had a great Coffee Morning on 6th June, and really enjoyed meeting more of our community, as well as a few interested newcomers to fostering. So you can expect more events like this to come! Just make sure you join us for more of the same next year.

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