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Why Placement Disruption is Still One of The Biggest Foster Care Issues

Many of us are lucky to grow up in a safe, secure and consistent environment, so having to move schools and make new friends is certainly a feeling largely unfamiliar to most children.

Quite often, moving house is one of the most stressful, unnatural and challenging things to overcome as a child, but for a foster child this can be even more difficult to come to terms with.

Regardless of the love, care and compassion shown by everyone in the wider fostering community, we still hear that placement disruption is still one of the biggest foster care issues surrounding the industry.

Support For Our Foster Carers

To help ensure placement stability, we constantly provide professional support and training to all our foster families. By helping to improve the skills of foster carers and to strengthen their relationships with foster children, we have been successful is maintaining a very low percentage of placement disruptions.

In addition to this, all of our foster families have 24/7 access to a senior social worker, as well as our renowned fostering community and mentoring schemes, which is perfect for those just starting out.

Becoming a foster carer has never been easier

Becoming a foster carer has never been easier, and there is constant need for more warm-welcoming and open minded people to join our family.

By applying to become a foster carer with Perpetual Fostering, you’ll not only be rewarded financially and be supported by our experienced team of social workers, but your willingness to provide a loving and caring home for a foster child will help to prevent future placement disruption.

How We Find The Perfect Fit

We will always ensure that the move is always beneficial to the long term relationship of the foster family and child. In fact, as a leading independent fostering agency we pride ourselves on our specialised matching process which also allows us to find the perfect fit.

There’s no doubt that our foster carers are currently doing a fantastic job, but there is a need to attract more like-minded people to the family. By opening up your life to provide a stable and bright future for a child, you can make the difference.

Becoming a foster carer with Perpetual Fostering has never been easier, so what’s stopping you? We provide you with the care and support that you require, wherever and whenever you need it. Give a child a chance and together we can help to prevent future placement disruption.

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