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New Year’s Eve: Children’s Quiz Questions (and answers!)

New Year’s Eve: Children’s Quiz Questions (and answers!)

Looking for something to keep the kids entertained this New Year’s Eve? Try this children’s quiz. With questions on everything from the Chronicles of Narnia to the capital of Spain, there’s plenty here to challenge the whole family!

Art and Literature

1 Who had an encounter with the three bears?

2 What is the name of Winnie the Pooh’s donkey friend?

Who was created by Gepetto the woodcarver?

4 Who is the bear in The Jungle Book?

5 What kind of creature was defeated by the Three Billy Goats Gruff?

Who painted the Mona Lisa?

7 Who leads a gang of outlaws in Sherwood Forest?

8 Who stole Christmas in a Dr Seuss book?

9 Who were all the King’s horses and men unable to put together again?

10 Who is the druid in the Asterix books?

11 Sculptures of which animals lie at the base of Nelson’s column?

12 What is the name of the Lion in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe?

13 What is the name of the wizard at the court of King Arthur?

14 Who has written the prize-winning book The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish?

15 What is the name of the recreated theatre from Shakespeare’s time in London?



1) Goldilocks 2) Eeyore 3) Pinocchio 4) Baloo 5) A Troll 6) Leonardo da Vinci 7) Robin Hood 8) The Grinch 9) Humpty Dumpty 10) Getafix 11) Lions 12) Aslan 13) Merlin 14) Neil Gaiman 15) The Globe


History and Politics

Who was prime minister of the UK for most of the Second World War?

2 Which structures were built in medieval times as a mixture of residence and defensive building?

3 Who was caught red-handed trying to blow up parliament in 1605?

4 What did Romans use a hypocaust for?

5 What is the London home of the prime minister?

6 Which liner sank on her maiden voyage in 1912?

Who was the Deputy Prime Minister in 2010?

What did Spain send to attack Britain in 1588?

9 In which country in ancient times was mummification carried out on important people when they died?

10 Which city did the ancient Greeks by legend besiege for 10 years?

11 How many wives did Henry VIII have?

12 Which people travelled in longships and raided Britain from Scandinavia in early medieval times?

13 Which king received an arrow in his eye at the Battle of Hastings?

14 An act of 1864 outlawed children doing what job, for which they were often employed as they were smaller than adults and it was thought they could do a better job as a result?

15 What notable event affected London in September 1666?



1) Winston Churchill 2) Castles 3) Guy Fawkes 4) Heating their villas 5) 10 Downing Street 6) RMS Titanic 7) Nick Clegg 8) The Spanish Armada 9) Egypt 10) Troy 11) Six (Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr) 12) Vikings 13) Harold II 14) Chimney Sweep 15) The Great Fire



Sheriff Woody Pride and Buzz Lightyear are major characters in which series of films?

2 Who were the winners of 2010's Britain’s Got Talent?

3 What sort of animal is Basil Brush?

4 What is the name of Donald Duck’s girlfriend?

In which town do the Flintstones live?

What came over the hill and blew “whoo whoo”?

7 Which television programme shares its name with a naval flag?

8 How are Oritsé, JB, Marvin and Aston known collectively?

9 Which organisation is based on Tracy Island?

10 What is the name of the nanny played by Emma Thompson in two films?

11 Which resident of Jellystone Park is “smarter than the average bear”?

12 Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke are former winners of which competition?

13 What is the name of Shrek’s wife?

14 Which television series is set in the town of Pontypandy?

15 What is the name of the hero in The Lion King?



1) Toy Story 2) Spellbound 3) A fox 4) Daisy 5) Bedrock 6) The runaway train 7) Blue Peter 8) JLS 9) International rescue (in Thunderbirds) 10) Nanny McPhee 11) Yogi Bear 12) The X Factor 13) Princess Fiona 14) Fireman Sam 15) Simba


Science and Nature

1 From what tree do acorns come?

2 What is the largest planet in the solar system?

3 What colour are dandelions?

4 How many ounces are there in a pound?

5 What term in mathematics refers to the number obtained when two or more numbers are multiplied?

6 How many sides does a hexagon have?

What has the scientific formula H2O?

8 Which is the only vowel not on the top row of a computer keyboard?

9 The African and Asian are the two main forms of which mammal, with their ear size being an easy way to tell which is which?

10 What is the innermost colour of a rainbow?

11 Which planet is known as “The Red Planet”?

12 Feline means relating to what sort of animal?

13 Comice, Conference and Williams are varieties of which fruit?

14 What are the young of frogs and toads called?

15 In computing, what is Mb short for?



1) The Oak 2) Jupiter 3) Yellow 4) 16 5) The Product 6) 6 7) Water 8) A 9) Elephant 10) Violet 11) Mars 12) Cat 13) Pear 14) Tadpoles 15) Megabyte


Geography and Travel

1 At more than 6.5 million square miles, what is the largest country in the world?

2 And which has the largest population, at more than 1.3 billion?

What colour are motorways on British road maps?

4 What is the capital city of Spain?

5 Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata are major cities in which country?

Which sea separates Europe from Africa?

Which Scottish loch with a length of about 24 miles, is reputed to contain a monster?

8 Which desert covers much of northern Africa?

9 Which island country lies off China, Korea and Russia?

10 Which ocean lies between Africa and Australia and south of Asia?

11 In which mountain range is Mount Everest?

12 Which river rises in Peru, enters the sea in Brazil and at no point is crossed by a bridge?

13 In which country are the holy cities of Mecca and Medina?

14 Which Italian city is famous for its canals?

15 What is the line of latitude that runs around the centre of the world called?



1) Russia 2) China 3) Blue 4) Madrid 5) India 6) The Mediterranean 7) Loch Ness 8) The Sahara 9) Japan 10) The Indian Ocean 11) The Himalayas 12) The Amazon 13) Saudi Arabia 14) Venice 15) The Equator


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We wish you a very happy New Year!


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Posted on 31 December 2016

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