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Foster Carer Training

We are committed to developing our foster carers

The opportunity to build your skills

Foster carers come from all different backgrounds. Some have degrees, some never finished school. Some have worked with children before, and some are changing career completely.

We help you develop professionally, before and after you’re approved as a foster carer.

Pre-Approval Training

When you start the process of becoming a foster carer, you take The Skills to Foster™ training for prospective carers. The Fostering Network, the UK’s biggest fostering charity, runs the course, and our carers consistently tell us how valuable it is.
The training takes place over 3 days. It covers an introduction that helps you prepare for the assessment process and the fostering journey. The sessions also provide an opportunity for you to learn about fostering and why children and young people become looked after.

We can also arrange bespoke development programmes if you need additional training before going before the approval panel.

Post-Approval Training

When you foster with us, you and your social worker create an individual development plan. We identify what skills you already have and where you can enhance your skills. You can make suggestions about what training you want to do, and we’ll help you do it as long as it’s relevant to your fostering role.

As you complete training and gain skills and experience, you’re eligible for higher payments.

We also encourage and support all foster carers who want to achieve nationally recognised qualifications in care-related subjects. These qualifications can lead to future careers in areas such as social care, nursing and teaching.

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During your lunch break, or the time you spend checking Facebook, another child will come into care. Right now, that child is thinking: 'Who cares?' More Videos
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Every 20 Minutes a Child Comes Into Care. #WhoCares?

During your lunch break, or the time you spend checking Facebook, another child will come into care. Right now, that child is thinking: 'Who cares?' You can change their life by saying: 'I care.'

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